Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nutella topped Pumpkin-Chocolate Brownie Bites

Fellow blogger Cafe Fernando and My Baking Addiction announced that today was World Nutella day. Go figure, could it be that I was in sync with "something"...nah!!

So yes, I made these for the Superbowl Party today, but I'm not going to yammer on (like I normally do) or post lots of pictures...I still need to get the chorizo queso made!!

For all you low-landers, head on over to Yum Sugar for the recipe. I omitted topping them with walnuts and chocolate chips. I went straight for the jar of Nutella (slightly warmed in the microwave)and frosted the brownie bites with Nutella goodness once they were cooled. I chose this easy approach, but if you've got the time, I suggest you head on over to My Kitchen Addiction and use the nutella ganache recipe. The ganache will set up nicely and not be as finger-licking messy as I presume these to be!

Mountain town folks at 5,500 ft should use these high altitude adjustments:

add 2 tbsp flour
add an additional egg
decrease sugar by 2 tbsp

Enjoy the Superbowl...go blue & red!! ;-)


  1. Those look yummy. I love Nutella. I also made brownies today. I cut them out with football shaped cookie cutter and put laces on them with white icing. They were super cute :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Stephanie. They were tasty! Football shaped brownies sound great as appropriate!