Friday, July 22, 2011

DIY Cold Brew Coffee

The idea for cold brew coffee is nothing new and there is plenty of online information on the subject, but I felt compelled to share because it is so easy to make at home and the cost savings will make it well worth your time.
When I was in high school my parents made the conversion from drip coffee makers to cold brew coffee. It is said to have a lower acid level and a more "lively" flavor.  The system they owned was similar to this.  Over time, they could no longer find the filters and/or plugs, so they gave up and went back to drip. Mind you though, this was before the advent of shopping online.  I felt compelled to purchase "the system" for making cold press coffee, but space availability for yet another gadget along with the $50 price tag made me think again.  I chose the "mason jar/strainer with a coffee filter" method.

I started with a coarse-medium grind on my beans. I used my manual grinder, but feel free to use your electric version....just be careful not to grind too fine.

 I measured out 2 1/2 oz coffee beans....this equated to a "heaping" cup.

Added the coffee to a quart size mason jar using a canning funnel...notice it's vintage along with my measuring cup and mason jar!

Filled the jar with cold tap water and placed the jarred contents in the refrigerator. I used tap water, because it was easy and it's good.  We have great water in our little mountain town.

24hrs later it was ready to be strained. For this task I used a large glass measuring bowl, a like sized strainer lined with a coffee filter.

I don't know if it was that necessary, but I strained it a second time.

The end result was a little over 2 cups of coffee goodness...full of caffeine, or go juice as I'd like to say.

I then proceeded to immediately make an iced coffee. I used equal amounts of coffee, skim milk and a small amount of agave syrup...mmmmm...refreshing on a hot summer morning...still in my jammies.

The coffee extract can also be diluted with hot water for a hot cup of joe. If you own a french press, you can make this coffee using your press, just adjust the amount of ground coffee and water based on the size of your press.'s potent, so be careful. :o)

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