Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Maiden Voyage In a Snow Storm

This is my first official blog post, and I'm not gonna lie...I am a little nervous! So nervous in fact, that its 2am, and I am up typing this as I cannot sleep from the sheer excitement! Oh, and it's snowing here in Montana on this 22nd day of March. Possible accumulations of 3 or so inches with more to come in the following nights.

OK, I have to say that I have been pondering this idea of blogging for quite sometime. An appropriate blog name seemed to delay me starting, not to mention the daunting task of "creating" my own blog. And there is always the issue of picture quality. I have a decent digital camera, but do not own a light box, something I have read will make a difference in the final photo "product". All those roadblocks went out the window, when I heard and read the newly created blog by a young friend of mine. We messaged via Facebook, she made a few inspiring comments and viola...my blog was born!  Thanks Jeness!

We just had the spring equinox, but lets face it., the green grass and budding trees of spring are not in the distant future for our little mountain town. However, this cold snow still does not stop me from thinking about fresh produce and canning. I came across a new book on preserving when reading a nutritional blog Grains and More this weekend. The blog is written by Mira Dessy, a Bauman College Graduate. The book she mentioned in an older blog post is entitled Preserving Memories by Judy Glattstein, whom she declared is her mother.

What intrigued me was her mention of making homemade pectin out of either apples or lemons. I had never read or thought of this as a possibility, so of course I ordered the book from Amazon and anxiously await it's arrival! I also made a few purchases of vintage canning jars from a local Antique Store, but I have research to do and will have pictures available on my next post....wait till ya see what I came across!
PS. While I mentioned that I like to can, I must tell you that the "jars" are just as great a fixation of mine...especially the vintage ones!

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