Monday, March 28, 2011

Egg Salad Sammies

beautiful fresh brown, light green and blue farm eggs

I couldn't resist sharing my lunch was so yummy! The idea came easily enough, even though I'm going to give you the "long" version of the story.  I was running errands this morning & decided to treat myself to an espresso drink, so I stopped by our local gourmet purveyor Babcock & Miles. While there, the gal making my drink recognized me as one of their "egg customers"--I buy farm fresh eggs from them. She informed me they had oodles (my words) of eggs as the hens had finally decided it was spring and revved up their egg production! I didn't buy any today as I had purchased two dozen last week from a friend at the Lazy E-L Ranch after finding that Babcock & Miles was temporarily out due to fussy chickens (again, my words, not theirs!).

Realizing I needed to work on reducing my volume of eggs I had on hand, I decided I would boil some.  I could make an egg salad sandwich for lunch and the remaining could be used for protein on green salads.
open faced egg salad sandwich
The idea for sandwich accompaniments came from my cousin on an earlier Facebook post. The sandwich base was a toasted slice of some spelt bread a friend had given me yesterday. The remaining layers were made up of organic spring mixed greens, crisp bacon, egg salad and sliced avocado. I topped it with some freshly cracked pepper and Fleur De Sel, then plated this work of art with a side of halved cherry tomatoes. Simplistic, but oh so tasty. The crunchiness of the toasted bread and crisp bacon was the perfect contrast to the creamy, velvety texture of the egg salad and avocado. The side of cherry tomatoes were hydroponically grown and provided just the right amount of acidity. I say "you should make some today". Head on over to Babcock and Miles for a dozen (or two) farm fresh eggs.

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